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30% Discount at IKEA

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Time is running out to get the 30% off at IKEA. Details are below- except we are told don’t need voucher from Red Cross. LTRG has told us that printing county assessor’s page showing your name and address is enough. Please note that as long as you go to the store before Dec 31, you can use the discount in 2013. Also looks like they are offering a 1 time free delivery. IKEA CENTENNIAL COLORADO FIRE VICTIM 30 PERCENT DISCOUNT OFFER IKEA Centennial has offered a 30 percent discount offer to those affected by the High Park and Waldo Canyon fires. The offer also includes a free, one-time picking and home delivery service. Customers should come to the store and let the greeter (in the entrance lobby) know they are interested in the discount. If customers are deemed eligible they will receive a handout with guidance on how to complete their shopping experience. Discount Eligibility: The discount is for customers whose homes suffered total loss or smoke damage from the High Park or Waldo Canyon fires. Certain Red Cross branches are offering vouchers affirming people live in the affected areas. Not all Red Cross branches are offering the voucher. If customers are able to get a voucher or proof from the Red Cross, this is the IDEAL paperwork they should bring with them to IKEA along with a photo ID (or other valid proof of residence) showing the same address on the Red Cross voucher. If customers have contacted the Red Cross and are unable to obtain this voucher, then they should bring their photo ID (or other valid proof of residence) with their affected home address. A manager will map their home to determine its proximity to the fire areas.  This is an offer with a total receipt limit up to $10,000 (before the discount) per HOUSEHOLD.  Customers may make up to three trips to IKEA and use the discount each time until they reach a total of $10,000 for the affected home. Their purchases will be tracked by their name and address.  The offer will remain in effect until December 31, 2012. However, if the victim comes in before Dec. 31 for their first visit, we will honor future visits in 2013 until they reach their total $10,000 limit or third visit, whichever comes first.  If there are multiple adults living in the affected home, the discount applies to the address, not each individual.  The offer of free home delivery and picking service is valid only ONCE for each...

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