Current Projects

Currently NCRN is working on the Northern Colorado Flood Fund, and expansion of the Professional and Supplier Network, continuing Rebuilding from the High Park Fire, expansion of the Rebuilding Resources, and an electronic version of our Rebuilding Education Series Dirt to Drapes. 

Larimer Flood Northern Colorado  Flood 2013 Fund

NoCo Rebuilding Network as just started fundraising in response to the latest disaster to hit Larimer County.  As with the High Park Fire Fund, the money we collect goes to help support the rebuilding efforts of primary residences in the aftermath of the flood.  The grant program encourages survivors to build safer, strong, smarter and come back as a community 1 house at a time.  For more information please see the funding details or email [email protected]


Professional and Supplier Network

Professional & Supplier Network – Building professionals are a critical component often left out of the disaster recovery and rebuilding process. Our network brings builders and contractors together under a Code of Conduct to cooperatively help survivors rebuild in the aftermath of the disaster (committing to values of trust, craftsmanship, sustainability, and community participation). Additional supplier networks are leveraged to cost-effectively source appropriate, high quality rebuilding materials for survivors.

Rebuilding Volunteer HPF Projects

We are currently involved in the rebuilding of 5 homes for people with little or no insurance.  NCRN pros have donated significant amounts of time on all aspects of the construction project.  Stay tuned for more updates and pictures from the job sites.

Rebuilding Resources, Professional Directory and Rebuilding Forum

Rebuilding a home is hard, rebuilding after a disaster is even harder.  By accumulating the links and resources on one site, we hope to save people time and money.  Our Rebuilding Resources  are links to valuable information about many aspects of the rebuilding process. The Rebuilding Forum is an almost real time conversation with the building pros.  Our Professional Directory, while not vetted or endorsed by NCRN, contains a list of local professionals that have come forward asking how to help and contributing volunteer hours towards the rebuilding process.

Rebuilding Educational Series

Education & Awareness – NCRN is developing and producing a knowledge base to help communities rebuild “Safer, Stronger, Smarter.” We collaborate with local building professionals to develop appropriate and timely educational programs on the rebuilding process, better building practices, and disaster specific rebuilding techniques. The NCRN knowledge base evolves and grows through community input and panel discussions with industry experts, and is continually updated to capture and share vital information and critical lessons learned as a result of our organization being the “boots on the ground” rebuilding group.