FEMA Assistance for Rebuilding Private Roads After the Flood

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Private road(s) used by single or multi families may qualify for a FEMA grant (see this link).   FEMA will send inspector to community to check the damage once the individuals on the road fill out application at DisasterAssitance.gov .   When filling out application be sure and check damage to home.  FEMA considers access to the house via private road part of your home.  If you do not check this box an inspector will not be sent out.  Where many people share a common road, each person on the road is encouraged to fill out an FEMA application but be sure and check damage to home. Although it seems redundant an inspector will be sent out for each application to inspect the same road hazard/blockage.  You will also need a letter form your insurance company stating that coverage was denied.  This should be relatively simple since most of us do not have flood insurance.

If FEMA grants the request, payments will be made to individual community members. These people will notified of other community members that received funds for the road repair.  The maximum that FEMA can payout to an individual is $31,900.  This means that if you lost your home and road the maximum amount from FEMA is $31,900.   Only people that have a primary residence will be eligible to receive the grant.  If it is a second home or you are a renter, funds from FEMA are not available from this program.  If you started cleaning up your home or road take pictures to show the inspector.

The registration process takes about 15min.  Timeline to register is 60 days from the date of the disaster declaration.  If the private road associate is a non-profit organization, the road association may also apply for an SBA non-profit loan with 2.8% interest and 30 year repayment. For more information you can call FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)

There are individual caps for road maintenance.  120 cubic yards of material, 1 12-30in culvert 30ft long, 1 36in or greater culvert 30ft long, 16hrs of machine time/labor, 1 concrete or wood abutment.  This is why multiple people on a multi-use road need to apply.  In many cases we’ve already seen 100s of hours of volunteer and machine time to regain access.

You will also need to fax a letter of denial from your insurance company to FEMA.  Fax number is  18008278112  put FEMA Insurance Information in the heading along with the case number.   Be careful to make sure your insurance company knows you are not making a claim.  3 claims in 10 years and some insurance carriers will deny coverage.  You just want a letter explaining they will not cover damage to the road.

Another great resource and advocate for survivors is Congressman Polis . You may contact his Chief of Staff at Brian.Branton@mail.house.gov.  Congressman Polis’s website has a number of useful links.  Congressman’s Polis Web Page

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  1. Our secondary home is not accessible due to road damage. Crystal Mountain Road is privately maintained but my understanding a class 6 road, whatever that means. Crystal Mountain Road Association maintains the road, it is a non profit. I found the information you published very helpful. I did apply for FEMA over the phone. I assume the road association can also apply. Can you tell me who the county Emergency Manager is?
    Thank you,
    Vicki L. Bastian

  2. Hello Phil.

    Does this mean there is a possibility we could get some assistance in fixing our road?



    • Initially we thought so but there but people’s claims are being denied. We will keep you posted as situation progresses

  3. WE SAW THE FEMA MAN THIS MORNING. HE SAID THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHING UNTIL A 2 wheel vehicle can get up the road! We SAID we wouldN’T need help if that possible!

    • We’ve contacted Congress Pollis’s Office to see if they can help us with this one

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