Past Projects

Bellvue Grange Meetings

The Bellvue Grange in Bellvue Colorado was the home of our bi-weekly local building meetings.  Building professionals representing most of the industry trades were available to answer questions and give brief presentations on their areas of expertise.  While NCRN does not qualify the building professions, all abide by the Working Group Code of Conduct.  Additionally many donated large amounts of volunteer time weekly answering questions or performing on-site surveys for survivors.  The program ran for ~20 sessions and was attended by ~50 people each session.  The program content can be found at D2D Sessions

Hope is on the wayHigh Park Fire Rebuilding Fund

NoCo Rebuilding Network’s grant program was specifically targeted for people wanting to rebuild after the High Park Fire. The money we collected went directly to residents who choose to rebuild in Larimer County. The focus of our fund is survivors who lost their primary residence.  NCRN raised over $200,000.  As of Sept 2013 the money as all been disbursed to support the rebuilding after the fire.   The grant program encourages the use of energy saving technologies and techniques as well as Firewise construction during the rebuild effort.



Crystal Fire Rebuilding Fund

Our first disaster response, the Crystal Fire Rebuilding Fund raised over $10,000 and as able to provide help to all people rebuilding at that time. Please thank our donors for this program at Thank You Donors