Pros Code of Conduct

Vision Statement

Create an organization that will support the cooperative efforts of builders and contractors working to rebuild the High Park Fire areas, while promoting the values of quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and community participation throughout the process.


Mission Objectives:

  • Keep the rebuild effort local. Help influence the direction of the effort to protect the interests of those directly affected, local people and the community.
  • Present a consolidated front.  This will allow us to take advantage of the spirit of goodwill and outpouring of community support that exists right now, and will aid in connecting with and communicating with other organizations and entities (previous rebuild efforts; volunteer labor resources; disaster relief organizations; county, state, and federal entities; as well as suppliers and homeowners).
  • Capture and share our common knowledge base.  Sharing and discussion of building design and techniques to create a common knowledge base for building more efficient, affordable, and better homes.
  • Pool resources. Pooling of resources, materials, services, governmental agencies and equipment to save time and money for all involved.


Scope of Organization

It is important to clarify that this group will not seek to promote itself or compete with any other rebuilding initiatives whether they are public or private. We are seeking to promote an open, collaborative approach that will allow contractors, builders, owner-builders and all involved in the effort to maximize their efficiencies while engaging in what will be a massive, long-term effort.  How builders can work together to save money for homeowners while still fairly earning a living presents a huge challenge, especially when factors such as uninsured homeowners, volunteer labor sources, public fundraising, and a host of other complications arise.  However, the basic principle of “together we are strong” endures, and by merely presenting ourselves as a unified front of builders from the area, we can use our knowledge and community ties to create an organization which will be of benefit and worth to some of those who will be rebuilding their homes.

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