What Is Print Management?

Sending a print job to the chosen team is the most straightforward and most direct part of the workflow. The complicated task is to control the printing so that the group, department or company can make the most utilization of all available printers, thus ensuring the processes of productivity and cost reduction.

You can not allow employees to waste time with different graphical interfaces, although you need to unify all prepress operations

You must monitor and control the workflow, ensure that all printers perform to the maximum and produce the jobs in the shortest possible time, with the lowest possible cost.

You need to prevent your employees from printing more documents than necessary.

It is crucial that you establish viable and secure printing processes for centralized printers.


Unified management of the printing room

A unified Digital Front End avoids having to apply new operating processes for each printer or driver, thus reducing errors, and unusable impressions, increasing speed and performance

Printing policies and rules

Facilitate the full use of all available equipment, reducing printing costs and helping to change the perception of how to print

Product-based job processing

Frees printer operators from repetitive tasks, reduce errors and unusable prints, and increases the overall efficiency of the print room

Print Queue

Management Allows centralized management of print properties and their deployment in users’ workstations, ensuring completely secure printing, maintaining the convenience of merely printing and picking up work.

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